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HollyHobbyLobby and Jihad Girl Aren’t So Different

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A woman who supported the Hobby Lobby ruling, posted a picture of herself with a gun and a bible, on Twitter today.  Someone was quick to point out that her picture was remarkable similar to that of what appears to be an islamic extremist Women.

Christian & Islamic Extremist

What is the difference?

This sparked a lively debate on the similarities and differences between the two photos.  The religious right defended the photo, claiming that the woman in the Islamic photo uses violence to force Islam on innocent people, where as the Christian girl does not.  The violence in the Middle East is obviously much worse worse than in America.  Though, God fearing, red blooded Americans are not without their horrible acts of aggression when they can’t walk over the law with their religion.  Let’s take a look at some of the things that happen when the court tells Christians to obey the constitution.

In 1948 case McCollum v. Board of Education, the SCOTUS ruled that having pastors proselytize in public schools was a violation of the first amendment.  This was a major case which stopped schools from making all non-Christians from feeling uncomfortable by having another groups beliefs forced onto them.  How did the Christians react to this?  Well, the name of the family that brought the case to court was public record.  They broke into their house and vandalized their property.  After death threats and being physically attacked, the son was forced to move to his grandmothers for safety.  They even went as far as to lynch the families cat.  Hating atheists and being aggressive about it, the religious right and islamic right certainly have that one in common.

Just like some of the Islamic extremists, some of the religious right are not willing to share with other religions.  Darla Wynne from South Carolina felt uncomfortable during the prayer before town meetings.  She tried to show up late to avoid having to listen to the prayer, but then she was denied the opportunity to speak at the meeting.  Her second attempt to remedy the situation was to ask if people of other religions could sometimes start the meeting off, which was denied.  This forced her to take the city council to court in 2001, winning after finally going to the Supreme Court.  During her court battle she was continually harassed.  Her house was broken into, her pet parrot was decapitated, several cats were killed, and her dog was beaten.  Perhaps animal cruelty is a big difference between the American religious right and Islamic extremists.

Islamic extremists often use violence to assert one version of Islam over another.  Interestingly, in 1981 there was a Baptist club that held meetings at an Oklahoma public school during the morning.  Buses would arrive thirty minutes early, allowing for children to attend these meetings. Joann Bell believed in a different version of Christianity than the Baptists.  Her daughter was forced to wait outside of the school while these meetings happened, regardless of any inclement weather.  After filing a lawsuit against the school, things got rather brutal.  A school employee repeatedly smashed Bell’s head into a car door. Surely the community condemned this, right? Wrong.  The employee only received a fine, in which the community raised money to pay for. In another statement of hatred toward Bell, someone burned down her house.  The son, of another party involved in the case, raised goats.  The goats would be slaughtered and physically mutilated (again with the creepy animal cruelty).  On top of all this, they all continually faced verbal harassment and threats.

In 2012, Jessica Ahlquist contacted the Freedom From Religion Foundation about a Christian banner hanging in her school.  She knew that time after time courts have informed schools that they are to keep religion and school separate, a law Christians like to ignore (ignoring laws — again with the similarities).  After learning of her identity, she received serious threats over requesting the Christian banner to be taken down.  She had to be provided a police escort for her safety. Here is an example of a letter she received:

The cops will not watch you forever.
We will get you good.
Tell your little asshole sister to watch her back.
There are many of us, “Crusaders,” we have a better pool going to see who gets you first!
Your fuckin old man better move or keep you locked up if you know whats good for you.
We know where he works, what kind of cars you have + the plate numbers of the cars.
Get the fuck out of R.I. you bitchin whore. You are nothing more than a sex-toy of a slut. Maybe you will gang-banged before we throw you out of one of our cars.
WE WILL GET YOU — LOOK OUT!Christian Banner Supporter

After the Hobby Lobby ruling, the American religious right became even closer to the Islamic extremists, using their religion to oppress the rights of women.  In an effort to further close the gap between the Islamic extremists and the religious right, they’re even trying to use their religion to ignore laws on discrimination.  This doesn’t even include the countless ways Christianity has been used to justify racial discrimination and bigotry against LGBT people.

It is absurd to say that there isn’t an obvious similarity between two women who both hold a gun and a book that causes such violence.